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DMMR Mine Files for Pinal County

The following is a list of our mine files that have been digitized as of July 25, 2006. Funding to digitize files pertaining to BLM land was provided by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Many hours of hard work by our volunteers have also greatly contributed to this project. The work continues and many more files are being added each day. Because of copyright issues, the files are not available yet from our web pages. Please contact the department for more information.

Mine NameTownship, Range, Section
ABC GroupT4S, R13E, Sec 15
Adit Canyon DiatomiteT9S, R18E, Sec 19
Ajax MineT2S, R11E, Sec 35
Albert Mackenzie PropertyT4S, R14E, Sec 8
Alice MineT3S, R14E, Sec 33
Alma GroupT3S, R13E, Sec 24
Alvarez ClaimsT4S, R11E, Sec 33
Antelope PeakT6S, R15E, Sec 19
Apache Maid GroupT3S, R7E, Sec 35
Apex No 2T3S, R13E, Sec 12
Aravaipa Member ZeoliteT7S, R18E, Sec 5
Aravaipa Nitrate DepositsT6S, R18E, Sec 24
Arizona Copper GroupT4S, R11E, Sec 28
Arizona Gold PropertyT4S, R13E, Sec 5
Arizona RhyoliteT1S, R10E, Sec 21
Arizona Silver Queen Mng,Co.T3S, R11E, Sec 20
ArpadT1N, R8E, Sec 13
Azulejo Oxide CopperT8S, R2E, Sec 5
B and G ClaimT3S, R11E, Sec 23
Beaverrock Group #1-12T3S, R12E, Sec 33
Bee Tree Eldorado MineT3S, R7E, Sec 9
Betty Jane No. 1T7S, R14E, Sec 27
Betty Jane PropertyT9S, R12E, Sec 27
Big ZincT3S, R13E, Sec 7
Black Beauty PropertyT8S, R16E, Sec 34
Black HillsT10S, R18E, Sec 19
Black SheepT9S, R6E, Sec 34
Blackwater CopperT4S, R7E, Sec 3
BluebirdT8S, R18E, Sec 2
Blue Copper MineT8S, R12E, Sec 17
Blue Copper Patented GroupT8S, R12E, Sec 7
Blue CopperT3S, R13E, Sec 12
Blue CrystalT2S, R11E, Sec 35
Blue Star PropertyT8S, R12E, Sec 32
B M GroupT7S, R13E, Sec 2
BobcatT3S, R11E, Sec 29
Bonanza GroupT5S, R12E, Sec 1
Buckeye EastT3S, R12E, Sec 26
Buckeye MineT3S, R14E, Sec 27
Buckeye WestT3S, R12E, Sec 34
Bull DogT1N, R8E, Sec 2
Bunker Hill MineT8S, R18E, Sec 14
California Verde ClaimsT8S, R16E, Sec 32
Catalina PropertyT10S, R15E, Sec 9
Chaka VerdeT2S, R11E, Sec 28
Chalcocite GroupT4S, R11E, Sec 8
Childs-AldwinkleT8S, R18E, Sec 11
Civil RightsT5S, R14E, Sec 24
Clarks Gravel QuarryT8S, R17E, Sec 20
Collins PropertyT8S, R16E, Sec 26
Copper Ace GroupT3S, R13E, Sec 13
Copper Basin GroupT5S, R14E, Sec 25
Copper ButteT3S, R13E, Sec 30
Copper Chief GroupT4S, R14E, Sec 12
Copper Creek ProjectT8S, R18E, Sec 11
Copper Hill GroupT5S, R14E, Sec 31
CoronadoT2S, R11E, Sec 34
CountessT10S, R12E, Sec 8
CrescentT7S, R16E, Sec 8
Dead BullT10S, R16E, Sec 21
Deen MineT4S, R13E, Sec 33
Direct Minerals IncT8S, R11E, Sec 36
DonkeyT8S, R11E, Sec 1
Donna GroupT3S, R13E, Sec 8
DunhamT4S, R13E, Sec 1
Elephant ButteT1S, R10E, Sec 24
Falcon J MineT10S, R15E, Sec 6
Fe Delta Iron PlacerT8S, R12E, Sec 21
Feldman QuarryT6S, R16E, Sec 27
Ferguson Copper PropertiesT8S, R12E, Sec 35
Florence Lead-SilverT5S, R13E, Sec 12
Ford PropertyT8S, R16E, Sec 27
Galena No. 1 ClaimT3S, R13E, Sec 7
Gee ClayT9S, R7E, Sec 35
Germania GroupT3S, R7E, Sec 9
Geronimo ClaimsT4S, R15E, Sec 18
Gibson ClaimsT8S, R9E, Sec 21
Gila Copper Company PropertyT3S, R13E, Sec 15
Gold BellT8S, R9E, Sec 24
Gold Dike ClaimsT5S, R14E, Sec 10
Golden BellT4S, R13E, Sec 7
Golden EagleT10S, R16E, Sec 21
Goldfield MineT1N, R8E, Sec 1
Goodwin PropertyT2S, R13E, Sec 33
Gorilla PropertyT3S, R11E, Sec 29
Grand PrizeT6S, R13E, Sec 25
Green Rock ClaimsT4S, R11E, Sec 4
Grey HorseT4S, R14E, Sec 3
Guzman ConstructionT2S, R12E, Sec 8
HabstrittsT2S, R11E, Sec 27
Haigler PropertyT3S, R11E, Sec 20
Hatch GroupT8S, R16E, Sec 29
Hells Half Acre Tuff ZeoliteT6S, R18E, Sec 19
Herring PropertyT3S, R11E, Sec 11
Hess ManganeseT6S, R11E, Sec 18
Hilltop PropertyT5S, R16E, Sec 4
Honey Bee ClaimsT4S, R13E, Sec 16
Honeymoon ClaimsT10S, R15E, Sec 16
Hoosier GroupT5S, R16E, Sec 4
Hot BoyT8S, R14E, Sec 16
Huerfanito CopperT10S, R11E, Sec 3
Hunch MineT3S, R13E, Sec 11
Iron MountainT3S, R12E, Sec 17
Ironside Mining Co PropertyT4S, R11E, Sec 27
Jesse Benton MineT10S, R12E, Sec 1
John Glenn Mining ClaimsT5S, R15E, Sec 19
Johnson PropertyT4S, R13E, Sec 9
Kelvin Sultana Copper Co PropertyT4S, R14E, Sec 7
KeystoneT5S, R15E, Sec 4
Last Chance No2T8S, R12E, Sec 35
Lead Queen MineT3S, R14E, Sec 7
Little Bit More GroupT6S, R10E, Sec 32
Little Hill MineT10S, R15E, Sec 5
Little Mattie ClaimsT10S, R15E, Sec 10
London Gila GroupT5S, R16E, Sec 7
Lost Dutchman ClaimsT1S, R10E, Sec 6
Lucky LadyT3S, R11E, Sec 5
Lucky Strike PlacerT10S, R16E, Sec 21
Magma Chief WestT8S, R18E, Sec 23
Mammoth ButteT8S, R18E, Sec 23
MammothT8S, R16E, Sec 26
Mammoth Tailings DumpT8S, R16E, Sec 26
Mary J GroupT9S, R12E, Sec 19
Maybee GroupT3S, R14E, Sec 28
MBN 500T3S, R7E, Sec 25
McFarland Hullinger PlantT5S, R15E, Sec 25
Memory Lane GroupT10S, R16E, Sec 21
Middle Camp PinalT2S, R11E, Sec33
Miller AgateT9S, R6E, Sec 3
Miller PropertyT3S, R13E, Sec 34
Mineral Butte Groupof ClaimsT4S, R7E, Sec 3
Mines Holding Company ClaimsT6S, R13E, Sec 24
Mohawk Extension PropertyT8S, R16E, Sec 27
MohawkT8S, R16E, Sec 26
Monarch GroupT8S, R16E, Sec 19
Monitor GroupT2S, R14E, Sec 31
Moon ClaimsT3S, R11E, Sec 8
Mountain ViewT1S, R9E, Sec 1
Myres MineT3S, R11E, Sec 11
Ninety One ClaimT3S, R14E, Sec 27
North StarT7S, R10E, Sec 8
Old Bose ClaimsT8S, R16E, Sec 20
Old ReliableT8S, R18E, Sec 10
Old Ripsey MineT5S, R13E, Sec 12
Old SampleT6S, R14E, Sec 12
Omega Iron DepositT8S, R12E, Sec 3
Oro Negro Mining Co. PropertiesT5S, R9E, Sec 8
Orphan BoyT2S, R12E, Sec 31
Oversight Groupof ClaimsT1N, R8E, Sec 11
Pearl MineT8S, R16E, Sec 17
Peg Leg PropertyT4S, R13E, Sec 31
Pfester ClaimsT5S, R14E, Sec 36
PioneerT4S, R12E, Sec 5
Porphyry Exploration Co. Prop.T8S, R17E, Sec 29
Portland GroupT2S, R13E, Sec 34
Powder Box 1T7S, R13E, Sec 25
Princess Elena ClaimsT3S, R11E, Sec 21
Randolph GypsumT6S, R8E, Sec 11
Rattler MineT3S, R14E, Sec 26
Ray KelvinT3S, R13E, Sec 1
Ray MineT3S, R13E, Sec 10
Ray Silver Lead MineT3S, R14E, Sec 7
Ray Southern GroupT3S, R13E, Sec 24
Ray Superior PropertyT3S, R13E, Sec 2
Red Dog ClaimT10S, R16E, Sec 22
Red Rock Placer ClaimsT7S, R12E, Sec 25
Red TopT3S, R11E, Sec 8
ReymertT2S, R11E, Sec 11
Reynolds And Cline PropertyT8S, R17E, Sec 17
Richard Arlyn ClaimsT3S, R14E, Sec 7
Roadside Silver PropertyT5S, R11E, Sec 19
Roaring Gulch PropertyT5S, R13E, Sec 14
Rockett PropertyT4S, R12E, Sec 4
Rodney-Carter GroupT3S, R7E, Sec 4
Sacaton MineT5S, R5E, Sec 26
San Francisco No1T7S, R18E, Sec 34
San Juan DepositT9S, R12E, Sec 15
San Manuel ConcentratorT9S, R17E, Sec 32
San Manuel Copper MineT8S, R16E, Sec 34
San Manuel Limestone QuarryT7S, R16E, Sec 5
San Manuel Open Pit Oxide MineT8S, R16E, Sec 35
San Manuel SmelterT9S, R17E, Sec 29
Shadowens ClaimsT2S, R14E, Sec 31
Silver Bell-MartinezT3S, R12E, Sec 18
Silver King & Queen ClaimsT7S, R10E, Sec 5
Silver Queen PropertyT3S, R13E, Sec 1
Silver SchistT3S, R11E, Sec 5
Sombero Butte Mining PropertyT8S, R18E, Sec 22
Southdown BasaltT7S, R2E, Sec 7
Southwest Silver Corp #1T7S, R17E, Sec 2
Spencer Chemical DiatomiteT9S, R18E, Sec 29
Star Of ArizonaT3S, R13E, Sec 7
Steamboat ManganeseT4S, R14E, Sec 12
Suize Mine GroupT9S, R12E, Sec 17
Sulphide Canyon GroupT3S, R13E, Sec 22
Sunday Et AlT5S, R2E, Sec 8
Sunnyside Water Company PropertyT8S, R11E, Sec 31
Sunset GroupT3S, R13E, Sec 12
Sunset MineT3S, R11E, Sec 10
SuperstitionT3S, R11E, Sec 11
Swingle PropertyT7S, R18E, Sec 20
Table MountainT7S, R18E, Sec 15
Texona MineT2S, R13E, Sec 26
Three C Ranch Mineand MillT10S, R16E, Sec 27
Three TriangleT8S, R12E, Sec 33
Thunderbird GroupT7S, R16E, Sec 14
Tired Horse ClaimsT3S, R11E, Sec 29
Troy PropertyT3S, R14E, Sec 28
Tuff of Bear Spring CanyonT6S, R18E, Sec 32
Tungsten MinesT7S, R14E, Sec 11
Tungsten No 1 and 2T3S, R13E, Sec 15
Valentine ClaimsT2S, R12E, Sec 36
Van Ricken ClaimsT10S, R15E, Sec 8
Watters Placer ClaimT5S, R14E, Sec 12
Wedge GroupT3S, R7E, Sec 34
White Beauty ClaimsT5S, R14E, Sec 23
WhitecliffsT9S, R17E, Sec 24
White Cross MineT7S, R17E, Sec 31
WhitetailT10S, R15E, Sec 17
Winkelman GypsumT6S, R16E, Sec 27
Winter Gold & Summer Gold CLMST1N, R8E, Sec 2
Woodpecker PropertyT2S, R11E, Sec 35
Wooley MineT4S, R13E, Sec 33
Wright ClaimsT3S, R7E, Sec 8

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