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DMMR Mine Files for Mohave County

The following is a list of our mine files that have been digitized as of July 25, 2006. Funding to digitize files pertaining to BLM land was provided by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Many hours of hard work by our volunteers have also greatly contributed to this project. The work continues and many more files are being added each day. Because of copyright issues, the files are not available yet from our web pages. Please contact the department for more information.

Mine NameTownship, Range, Section
3-D (Three-D)T14N, R11W, Sec 20
Ace ClaimsT40N, R13W, Sec 13
Acree Fire AgateT20N, R19W, Sec 19
Adams GypsumT14N, R13W, Sec 13
AdamsT22N, R21W, Sec 33
AdelaT14N, R13W, Sec 13
Adiosa #1 ClaimT18N, R15W, Sec 14
A G Mining ClaimsT14N, R12W, Sec 32
AlabamaT23N, R12W, Sec 31
Alamo MineT12N, R13W, Sec 29
A L Claims GroupT34N, R7W, Sec 4
Alcyone T19N, R20W, Sec 33
AliceT23N, R18W, Sec 2
AlphaT23N, R17W, Sec 32
AltataT23N, R18W, Sec 10
American GypsumT41N, R12W, Sec 19
AmericanT11N, R12W, Sec 7
Antler GoldT12N, R11W, Sec 16
AntlerT17N, R16W, Sec 4
Aquarius XXVT18N, R13W, Sec 25
ArabianT21N, R20W, Sec 20
Arizona ComstockT19N, R20W, Sec 20
Arizona ManganeseT12N, R19W, Sec 6
Arizona Mist QuarryT20N, R20W, Sec 20
Arizona OneT36N, R5W, Sec 22A-D
Arizona TelluriamT20N, R15W, Sec 12
Arizona Tom ReedT19N, R20W, Sec 21
Armour GroupT23N, R17W, Sec 30
Artillery PeakT12N, R13W, Sec 36
AuroraT23N, R18W, Sec 2
Ayra MineT20N, R17W, Sec 10
Bachmann MicaT38N, R16W, Sec 31
Bald EagleT21N, R20W, Sec 8
Banner MineT21N, R21W, Sec 12
Baryte Copper ClaimsT11N, R13W, Sec 7
Bat CaveT31N, R14W, Sec t29
Baxter GypsonT41N, R12W, Sec 26
Bay StateT23N, R18W, Sec 18
BeaverT23N, R18W, Sec 13
Bentonite Placer ClaimsT20N, R12W, Sec 15
Berger-Phillips T16.5N, R11W, Sec19
Best Bet MineT19N, R20W, Sec 28
Betsy RossT12N, R14W, Sec 32
BF MillsiteT23N, R13W, Sec 30
Big HorseshoeT21N, R17W, Sec 32
Big KimbleT11N, R14W, Sec 34
Big Sandy FormationT16N, R13W, Sec 25
Bi-MetalT20N, R17W, Sec 4
BJB ClaimsT16N, R14W, Sec 7
Black BirdT23N, R17W, Sec 20
Black DiamondT11N, R12W, Sec 6
Black Dyke GroupT21N, R21W, Sec 2
Black EagleT19N, R20W, Sec 24
Black Jack GroupT11N, R13W, Sec 1
Black RangeT18N, R20W, Sec 10
Black Rock CanyonT41N, R13W, Sec 16
Black WarriorT12N, R13W, Sec 33
Black Wonder GroupT20N, R20W, Sec 31
BleekerT20N, R15W, Sec 10
Blue Bell GroupT19N, R15W, Sec 1
Blue Bird MineT29N, R17W, Sec 18
Blue BirdT23N, R12W, Sec 24
Blue DaisyT23N, R13W, Sec 7
Blue Key BerylT14N, R11W, Sec 27
Bo JackT12N, R15W, Sec 22
Bonanza MineT20N, R20W, Sec 32
Booby & Mohawk GroupT22N, R17W, Sec 7
BorianaT18N, R16W, Sec 13
Bower PumiceT11N, R16W, Sec 8
Bower Specular HematiteT12N, R17W, Sec 35
BreannaT16N, R13W, Sec 6
BuckhornT23N, R12W, Sec 24
Bull Canyon TungstenT18N, R15W, Sec 18
Burro Creek ClayT14N, R10W, Sec 7
Burro CreekT14N, R12W, Sec 15
Burro Wash GypsumT16.5N, R13W, Sec 27
BuzzwormT21N, R20W, Sec 8
C.O.D.T23N, R17W, Sec 33
Cabezas Spring Silica QuarryT17N, R12W, Sec 1
Cactus QueenT11N, R14W, Sec 13
Calizona Placer ChannelT14N, R19W, Sec 20
Candy BarT12N, R13W, Sec 13
Carrow ProspectT24N, R13W, Sec 35
Carter GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 22
Casey Jones GroupT19N, R19W, Sec 19
Cash EntryT19N, R20W, Sec 22
CashierT23N, R17W, Sec 31
Catherineand MichaelsT16.5N, R12W, Sec 21
Cedar PocketsT41N, R14W, Sec 3
Cedar Valley MinesT16.5N, R15W, Sec 26
CentennialT12N, R15W, Sec 13
CerbatT22N, R17W, Sec 7
ChampionT22N, R18W, Sec 13
Chemehuevis PlacersT15N, R18W, Sec 9
Chicago MineT22N, R17W, Sec 8
Chloride QueenT24N, R18W, Sec 27
Clark & Lynn ClaimsT15N, R14W, Sec 14
CleopatraT11N, R14W, Sec 4
CLH Breccia PipeT38N, R7W, Sec 34
ClimaxT30N, R17W, Sec 33
ColumbusT22N, R17W, Sec 7
Combination FractionT19N, R20W, Sec 10
CometT19N, R20W, Sec 16
Comstock GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 20
Comstock SilverT22N, R17W, Sec 4
Coon-Tail PropertyT17N, R11W, Sec 30
Copper ApexT23N, R17W, Sec 32
Copper GiantT23N, R13W, Sec 36
Copper Glance1-4T29N, R17W, Sec 4
Copper Head MillT15N, R13W, Sec 24
Copper HeadT15N, R13W, Sec 19
Copper HouseT32N, R11W, Sec 2
Copper MountainT32N, R10W, Sec 14
CopperopolisT23N, R18W, Sec 24
CoppervilleT17N, R14W, Sec 18
Copper WorldT18N, R16W, Sec 25
Craig Claims 1-10T17N, R14W, Sec 20
CupelT22N, R17W, Sec 4
CyclopicT28N, R18W, Sec 30
DandyT26N, R21W, Sec 27
Deer TrailT11N, R13W, Sec 18
De La FontaineT22N, R17W, Sec 5
DemocratT20N, R15W, Sec 33
Detrital Valley Salt DepositT29N, R21W, Sec 14
DetroitT23N, R18W, Sec 36
Diamond JoeT17N, R14W, Sec 21
Diamond Joe Peak Gravity MillT17N, R15W, Sec 35
DiplomatT22N, R18W, Sec 24
DistaffT23N, R18W, Sec 3
Dixie QueenT25N, R21W, Sec 33
Dolly VardenT20N, R14W, Sec 31
Double Cross ClaimsT13N, R14W, Sec 28
Doyle VanadiumT10N, R14W, Sec 5
Drill Rig1-3T17N, R11W, Sec 30
Dungan TungstenT14N, R12W, Sec 29
DunlapT13N, R11W, Sec 36
Ed's PlaceT19N, R19W, Sec 17
El DoradoT28N, R18W, Sec 21
Elkhart GroupT24N, R18W, Sec 34
El OroT23N, R18W, Sec 11
Emerald IsleT23N, R18W, Sec 22
EmersonT23N, R18W, Sec 11
Empire GroupT20N, R20W, Sec 31
Empire MineT20N, R14W, Sec 9
EnterpriseT20N, R15W, Sec 1
EsmeraldaT22N, R18W, Sec 12
EsperanzaT17N, R15W, Sec 25
Eureka ConsolidatedT23N, R18W, Sec 12
EurekaT22N, R17W, Sec 10
ExcelsiorT28N, R18W, Sec 22
Expansion GroupT21N, R20W, Sec 10
EZ1 Breccia PipeT37N, R6W, Sec 2
EZ2 Breccia PipeT37N, R6W, Sec 3
Fay MineT20N, R17W, Sec 29
FisherT11N, R14W, Sec 30
FlagT20N, R15W, Sec 32
FluorescentT21N, R15W, Sec 30
Flynn GroupT27N, R21W, Sec 7
FM GoldT20N, R20W, Sec 1
Fountain HeadT22N, R17W, Sec 4
Freeman TungstenT16N, R11W, Sec 22
Frisco GoldT21N, R20W, Sec 16
FrontierT22N, R17W, Sec 18
FryT28N, R19W, Sec 25
G.R.T23N, R18W, Sec 4
Gaddisand Perry GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 5
Garnet HillT15N, R11W, Sec 21
GB ClaimsT28N, R18W, Sec 31
George GroupT11N, R14W, Sec 23
George WashingtonT23N, R18W, Sec 13
Georgia GroupT23N, R18W, Sec 2
Giles Clay DepositT16N, R14W, Sec 36
GilpenT19N, R20W, Sec 7
GolcondaT22N, R17W, Sec 6
Gold Bug MineT26N, R21W, Sec 4
Gold BugT13N, R13W, Sec 32
Gold ChainT22N, R21W, Sec 34
Gold ChiefT13N, R13W, Sec 31
Gold Coin GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 21
Gold DukeT24N, R15W, Sec 13
Golden AgeT27N, R21W, Sec 33
Golden DoorT25N, R21W, Sec 20
Golden EagleT23N, R17W, Sec 31
Golden Gate MineT14N, R19W, Sec 21
Golden GemT22N, R17W, Sec 7
Golden Horn GroupT23N, R17W, Sec 18
Golden KeysT14N, R11W, Sec 27
Golden Queen No.6T29N, R18W, Sec 19
Golden Reef GroupT20N, R20W, Sec 33
Golden SlipperT12N, R17W, Sec 19
Golden Star GroupT20N, R21W, Sec 13
Gold HillT29N, R18W, Sec 16
Gold Key MineT19N, R20W, Sec 22
Gold KingT19N, R15W, Sec 14
Gold MedalT20N, R15W, Sec 24
Gold Road AnnexT19N, R20W, Sec 13
Gold RoadT19N, R20W, Sec 11
Gold Roads PlacerT19N, R20W, Sec 2
Gold StarT23N, R17W, Sec 18
Gold TrailT19N, R19W, Sec 10
Grand CanyonT33N, R7W, Sec 21
Grand GulchT34N, R14W, Sec 21
Grand Viewand Grand View ExT30N, R22W, Sec 6
Grand View ClaimsT23N, R17W, Sec 30
Grand View GroupT23N, R16W, Sec 11
Granite State MineT14N, R11W, Sec 26
GreenburgT11N, R13W, Sec 28
Greene Manganese ProjectT23N, R13W, Sec 11
Gypsum CityT41N, R13W, Sec 12
H. & H.GroupT18N, R15W, Sec 18
HackberryT23N, R14W, Sec 28
Hack's Canyon UraniumT37N, R5W, Sec 26
HardyT19N, R20W, Sec 5
HarpT23N, R20W, Sec 25
Harp NorthT23N, R20W, Sec 24
Hartman GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 24
Havasu#1T14N, R20W, Sec 24
Haviland Perlite ClaimsT16.5N, R18W, Sec 20
Heath MillT18N, R13W, Sec 35
Hercules BadgerT24N, R18W, Sec 35
HerculesT19N, R20W, Sec 5
HermitT38N, R4W, Sec 17
HiberniaT18N, R14W, Sec 19
Hidden TreasureT23N, R18W, Sec 11
HillsideT15N, R13W, Sec 7
Holy MosesT20N, R17W, Sec 11
HooverT27N, R21W, Sec 16
Hopkins ClaimT16N, R14W, Sec 17
Hualapai Placer ClaimsT20N, R14W, Sec 6
Hummingbird GroupT38N, R16W, Sec 27
HylstadT19N, R13W, Sec 26
I. X. L. GroupT23N, R17W, Sec 33
IdahoT22N, R17W, Sec 7
Ida Louise#1-9T18N, R14W, Sec 31
Iron Duke GroupT26N, R16W, Sec 13
IvanhoeT19N, R20W, Sec 8
J & C ClaimsT27N, R18W, Sec 6
J.C.T22N, R18W, Sec 12
JacknifeT14N, R13W, Sec 23
Jackpot DepositT16N, R20W, Sec 35
Jack Pot MineT19N, R13W, Sec 24
Jeanene BerylT16.5N, R15W, Sec 31
JemisonT23N, R17W, Sec 31
Jim KaneT22N, R17W, Sec 8
John Breccia PipeT37N, R7W, Sec 1
Johnny BullT23N, R18W, Sec 3
Johnny JoT18N, R18W, Sec 6
JunoT24N, R18W, Sec 33
Jupiter MineT23N, R18W, Sec 11
JupiterT14N, R18W, Sec 20
K & RT29N, R18W, Sec 17
KaabaT20N, R14W, Sec 26
Kaiser Spring GarnetT14N, R11W, Sec 10
KampffT14N, R19W, Sec 16
Kanab North DepositT38N, R3W, Sec 17
KatherineT21N, R21W, Sec 5
Kay CopperT23N, R18W, Sec 24
Kemple CampT26N, R20W, Sec 31
Ken SparT23N, R13W, Sec 26
Key MineT14N, R11W, Sec 26
KeystoneT23N, R18W, Sec 13
King DavidT20N, R15W, Sec 23
Kingman Feldspar MillT21N, R16W, Sec 18
Kingman Feldspar MineT22N, R17W, Sec 26
Kingman Onyx QuarryT23N, R17W, Sec 26
King TutT29N, R17W, Sec 9
Kinross Gold ApplicationT14N, R19W, Sec 17
Klaner & DoolinT17N, R19W, Sec 36
KlondykeT25N, R21W, Sec 28
La PazT19N, R20W, Sec 8
Last Chance MineT18N, R15W, Sec 17
Last MinuteT16N, R20.5W, Sec 26
Lead PillT12N, R14W, Sec 21
Leland GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 20
Leopard Spot GoldT20N, R21W, Sec 25
Leverite ClaimsT14N, R11W, Sec 25
LeviathanT17N, R14W, Sec 30
LibertyT27N, R21W, Sec 33
Little ChiefT22N, R17W, Sec 9
Little KimbleT11N, R14W, Sec 23
Lone Jack MineT23N, R18W, Sec 11
Lone Jack PlacerT29N, R17W, Sec 15
Lone MountainT32N, R10W, Sec 36
Lost BasinT29N, R17W, Sec 18
Lucky Strike GroupT25N, R21W, Sec 22
Lucky StrikeT12N, R14W, Sec 32
MaggieT12N, R13W, Sec 31
Magnesite DepositT14N, R11W, Sec 13
ManzanitaT23N, R18W, Sec 11
Marietta Et AlT23N, R15W, Sec 2
Mary BellT23N, R18W, Sec 2
Mary ColomaT19N, R20W, Sec 6
Mary NevadaT17N, R14W, Sec 17
M B L Zeolite GroupT18N, R20W, Sec 28
McCrackenT13N, R15W, Sec 25
McGuffieT11N, R14W, Sec 26
Merlo MicaT19N, R15W, Sec 16
Metallic AccidentT23N, R18W, Sec 13
MexicanT22N, R17W, Sec 6
Mica GiantT19N, R15W, Sec 10
MidasT23N, R18W, Sec 14
Middle HackberryT23N, R14W, Sec 21
Midget MineT30N, R17W, Sec 33
Midnight GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 17
Midnight MineT23N, R18W, Sec 10
Midway TungstenT18N, R15W, Sec 13
MidwestT15N, R13W, Sec 10
Mineral ParkT23N, R17W, Sec 19
MintT23N, R17W, Sec 31
MockingbirdT26N, R21W, Sec 22
Mohave ChiefT14N, R18W, Sec 30
Mohave Wash Gold PropertyT12N, R17W, Sec 17
Mohawk MineT26N, R15W, Sec 17
Morning StarT23N, R17W, Sec 31
MorrowT11N, R14W, Sec 3
Mossback GroupT20N, R20W, Sec 28
MossT20N, R20W, Sec 19
M P Mica ClaimsT28N, R17W, Sec 26
Muscovite MicaT29N, R19W, Sec 14
Music MountainT26N, R15W, Sec 17
Music Mountain TungstenT28N, R16W, Sec 19
Needle EyeT11N, R12W, Sec 7
NellieT18N, R20W, Sec 9
Nevada OatmanT19N, R20W, Sec 17
Never Get LeftT28N, R18W, Sec 21
New EnglandT11N, R14W, Sec 10
New JerseyT23N, R18W, Sec 2
New LondonT22N, R18W, Sec 13
New York & Manhattan MineT22N, R17W, Sec 5
Night HawkT23N, R17W, Sec 32
Nineteen FortyT28N, R18W, Sec 8
Norma BT12N, R12W, Sec 35
NormaT27N, R20W, Sec 13
North Star#1 & 2ClaimsT23N, R13W, Sec 24
O. K. GroupT21N, R20W, Sec 4
Oatman Amalgamated GoldT19N, R20W, Sec 3
Oatman Mining & MillingT19N, R20W, Sec 23
Oatman One PlacerT19N, R21W, Sec 12
Oatman QueenT19N, R20W, Sec 22
Oatman SouthernT18N, R20W, Sec 5
O'BrienT22N, R17W, Sec 18
OccidentT27N, R20W, Sec 14
O'FallonT22N, R17W, Sec 31
Old CommancheT23N, R18W, Sec 15
Old Ninety SevenT23N, R18W, Sec 11
Old PlacerT29N, R19W, Sec 24
Old TimerT23N, R18W, Sec 12
Onetto GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 12
OregonT10N, R13W, Sec 3
Oro PlataT22N, R17W, Sec 6
OwensT28N, R19W, Sec 1
Pacific GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 4
PAC Mine and Mill SiteT23N, R18W, Sec 5
Parashant PipeT33N, R10W, Sec 25
Paymaster GroupT22N, R17W, Sec 6
PayrollT23N, R18W, Sec 2
Pearl ClaimsT23N, R19W, Sec 9
Pictured RockT19N, R20W, Sec 26
PilgrimT23N, R20W, Sec 12
Pine NutT36N, R4W, Sec 21
PinkhamT23N, R18W, Sec 11
PioneerT19N, R20W, Sec 21
PittsburgT14N, R19W, Sec 27
PopeT27N, R21W, Sec 8
Portland-MizpahT26N, R15W, Sec 17
PortlandT23N, R21W, Sec 15
Priceless GroupT11N, R13W, Sec 12
Prince AlbertT27N, R20W, Sec 14
Quail Placer ClaimsT15N, R18W, Sec 30
Queen AnnT27N, R18W, Sec 4
Rambler LodeT23N, R18W, Sec 2
Rare MetalsT17N, R12W, Sec 23
RattanT20N, R20W, Sec 30
Rattlesnake GroupT23N, R18W, Sec 9
RawhideT11N, R13W, Sec 18
Red Eagle And Black PitT12N, R15W, Sec 23
Red Lake CavernsT26N, R16W, Sec 30
Red LionT19N, R20W, Sec 23
Red NorseT28N, R18W, Sec 29
Red TopT19N, R20W, Sec 13
Rein PlacerT29N, R18W, Sec 30
Relief MineT15N, R20W, Sec 29
Rich Claim GroupT11N, R15W, Sec 10
RicoT23N, R17W, Sec 29
RoadsideT21N, R21W, Sec 12
Rocky Hill GroupT15N, R12W, Sec 31
Roosevelt 1 and 2T22N, R13W, Sec 1
Rose#1 & 2T21N, R15W, Sec 32
Rose#1-4 Mining ClaimsT13N, R12W, Sec 4
Rose LeeT24N, R19W, Sec 36
Ruby#1T20N, R17W, Sec 9
Rural MineT23N, R17W, Sec 18
Sablon MineT19N, R20W, Sec 7
Saddle BackT26N, R15W, Sec 18
SamoaT23N, R17W, Sec 6
San FranciscoT16N, R15W, Sec 10
Santa Claus ProspectT23N, R18W, Sec 26
Santa Fe GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 28
Santa Fe Manganese MineT15N, R20'W, Sec 17
Savanic MineT33N, R14W, Sec 9
SchenectadyT24N, R18W, Sec 34
ScottT15N, R13W, Sec 23
Secret PassT20N, R20W, Sec 2
Self BentoniteT16N, R21W, Sec 35
SerendipityT13N, R12W, Sec 4
Seventy EightT22N, R17W, Sec 9
Shaefers TreasureT27N, R20W, Sec 12
Sheeptrail BoulevardT21N, R20W, Sec 7
Shipley PitT25N, R10W, Sec 28
SilveradoT18N, R14W, Sec 30
Silver BellT17N, R15W, Sec 29
Silver Creek PlacersT20N, R21W, Sec 26
Silverfield MineT11N, R15W, Sec 36
Silver HIllT23N, R18W, Sec 4
Silver MountainT22N, R17W, Sec 8
Sitton MillT11N, R12W, Sec 18
Snowflake GypsumT41N, R13W, Sec 25
Solomon MineT13N, R12W, Sec 4
South PilgrimT23N, R20W, Sec 13
Spanish MineT20N, R12W, Sec 12
Springold MineT21N, R20W, Sec 18
St LouisT22N, R17W, Sec 8
Stockton Hill GroupT22N, R17W, Sec 9
StralleyolaT14N, R12W, Sec 6
Summit LodeT19N, R20W, Sec 14
SummitT23N, R17W, Sec 32
Sun Beam MineT18N, R20W, Sec 3
Sunday ClaimT22N, R17W, Sec 23
SundialT19N, R20W, Sec 4
SunnysideT19N, R20W, Sec 25
SunriseT14N, R19W, Sec 13
Tate ManganeseT12N, R14W, Sec 36
Telluride ChiefT20N, R15W, Sec 13
TellurideT19N, R20W, Sec 24
Tennessee-SchuylkillT23N, R18W, Sec 3
Tenny MagnesiteT14N, R11W, Sec 12
Times Gulch QuarryT19N, R20W, Sec 18
TinticT23N, R18W, Sec 5
Tom Reed JrT19N, R20W, Sec 23
Tom ReedT19N, R20W, Sec 23
TowneT23N, R18W, Sec 10
Trails EndT14N, R10W, Sec 19
TungstiteT18N, R15W, Sec 8
Twentieth CentryT23N, R18W, Sec 14
Twinn MineT22N, R17W, Sec 18
TyroT21N, R20W, Sec 6
Union Pass Mordenite DepositT21N, R20W, Sec 11
United EasternT19N, R20W, Sec 14
United OatmanT19N, R20W, Sec 33
United WesternT19N, R20W, Sec 15
Val AnnT15N, R20W, Sec 4
Van DeemenT27N, R21W, Sec 29
VanderbiltT22N, R17W, Sec 7
Vermiculite Lode MineT20N, R15W, Sec 6
Victor CopperT19N, R15W, Sec 7
VivianT19N, R20W, Sec 20
WaldrenT17N, R14W, Sec 25
WeekendT25N, R21W, Sec 26
Western UnionT22N, R17W, Sec 9
What Breccia PipeT37N, R6W, Sec 11
White Chief G. M. Co.T19N, R20W, Sec 27
White EagleT23N, R17W, Sec28
White HillsT27N, R20W, Sec 11
White HorseT23N, R18W, Sec 24
White House GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 7
White SparT22N, R17W, Sec 22
Wikieup ClayT15N, R12W, Sec 18
Williams Garnet PropertyT29N, R21W, Sec 31
Williamson ProspectT26N, R21W, Sec 22
Williams TungstenT16.5N, R11W, Sec 30
Windy PointT23N, R17W, Sec 18
WingT14N, R19W, Sec 6
WinnahT22N, R17W, Sec 7
Wolverine LodeT14N, R19W, Sec 1
WrigleyT23N, R17W, Sec 33
Yellow JacketT15N, R14W, Sec 11
Yellow Leader GroupT19N, R20W, Sec 23
Yellow RootT23N, R14W, Sec 12
Yucca Flotation MillsiteT17N, R17W, Sec 30
ZelleT16N, R15W, Sec 18

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