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NOTE: Effective July 1, 2011, ADMMR was consolidated with AZGS.
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Consolidation of the Arizona Dept. of Mines & Mineral Resources with the Arizona Geological Survey

On 6 April 2011, Governor Brewer signed SB1615, State Agencies Consolidation, consolidating the Arizona Department of Mines and Mineral Resources (ADMMR) with the Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS), effective July 1, 2011. This action transfers the duties and responsibilities of the ADMMR, including the director membership on the Centennial and Mining and Mineral Museum Advisory Council, to the Arizona Geological Survey.

Since 22 January 2011, the AZGS has maintained ADMMR’s physical assets including its offices, records, and printed and electronic archives. At that time, ADMMR staff were hired as AZGS employees. The ADMMR offices are now functioning as the Phoenix Branch office of the AZGS.

AZGS will continue to:

  • Maintain a repository of mineral and mining information, including databases, books, periodicals, individual mine files, mine map repository files, mining district data and an archive of mine data
  • Provide quality mining data, evaluation, and assistance relating to mineral development to the legislature, federal, state and local governmental agencies, industry, and the public

In addition, the Fiscal Year 2012 state budget provides one-time funding to continue digitizing ADMMR’s extensive historical mining and mineral resource files to put them online for viewing and downloading.

For a full rendition of SB1615 State Agencies Consolidation, please refer to the Arizona State Legislature’s SB1615.

For information regarding publications, reports, maps, and mineral assessments held by ADMMR and now managed by the AZGS, please contact our Phoenix Branch at 602-771-1601.


M. Lee Allison
State Geologist & Director
Arizona Geological Survey
22 April 2011


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